Mega Moolah Slot Review

Mega Moolah Slot Review

The Granddaddy of jackpot slots, the Mega Moolah game is something of a legend in the iGaming sphere! It was once a world-record holder – landing one lucky bettor over €18.9million from just a €0.75 bet in 2018 to become the largest ever online payout in the history of online gaming. 

The safari-themed Microgaming casino game continues to be a house favourite, outlasting new-fangled slot mechanics from other providers. The reason? It’s got a dream to sell – and no other games get remotely close to the maximum win that Mega Moolah’s Jackpot round does. 

SuperSeven is proud to be one of hundreds of Mega Moolah casinos. In this homage to one of the best slots in the world, we analyse the history of Mega Moolah, its mechanics, its biggest winners, the free spins round, and much more. 

The History of Mega Moolah

It was in 2006 when one could first play Mega Moolah -making its debut to change the landscape of online gaming forever. Many consider its creator, Microgaming, to be the iGaming OGs – they were one of the original online casino companies and led the way by creating one of the world’s first-ever online slots in Cash Splash in 1998.

However, Mega Moolah is the gamechanger – a marker that put all Microgaming competitors on edge. Indeed, all other providers have yet to emulate Mega Moolah – it’s still the go-to game for big-win hunters seeking life-changing sums of money, 15 years after its inception. 

Such is the success of Mega Moolah that Microgaming began developing sister Mega Moolah slots – expanding its progressive jackpot network pool to the following games: Atlantean Treasures, Mega Vault Millionaire, Absolootly Mad, and Fortunium Gold. 

How Does Mega Moolah Work?

Mega Moolah operates on a fixed payline policy. Five reels, three rows, and 25 paylines can combine concurrently to land players a return. The symbols offer a return when they line up from left to right – depending on the symbol’s value, a minimum of two or three must match on a qualifying payline. The game is playable from €0.25 per spin to up to €6.25 per spin. There is a Return To Player (RTP) percentage of 93.42% – that means if you were to spend €100 over 100 spins, you could expect an average return of €93.42. 

The only base game feature to speak of is the Lion Wild – when it lands on any payline, it can substitute other symbols to help form a win. For example, were a giraffe to land on a payline on reel one and reel three, they can be brought together by a Lion Wild on the same reel two payline. The scatters are the only symbols that do not have to land on a payline to offer a return. For example, were two scatters to land on reel one and reel five, a player would receive 2x their stake back. You can see the full paytable below for a breakdown of how symbols pay.  

There is a Mega Moolah free spins round, too. Land three Witch Doctor scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to get 15 Free Spins. Throughout the free spins round, all wins are subject to a 3x multiplier, while there remains the possibility for multiple retriggers to get even more free spins. The maximum win from the base game and/or free spins bonus game is 1,955 x your total stake.

Finally, there is the Progressive Jackpot bonus game, which can trigger on any given spin at any stake. The higher the stake, the more likely you are to launch the jackpot game. Upon launching, a jackpot wheel leaps out from the screen and provides a spin option. 

The jackpot wheel divides into several segments offering chances of winning a Mini Jackpot (starting at €10), a Minor Jackpot (starting at €100), a Major Jackpot (starting at €10,000), and a Mega Jackpot (starting at €1million) Press the spin button, and the wheel will begin to turn. Whichever segment the wheel rests on, the player will win the relevant amount. You’re much likelier to win the Mini Jackpot than the Mega Jackpot, but what the Mega Moolah slot taps into is that sense of excitement one gets when they buy a lottery ticket. 

The Mega Moolah Paytable

In comparison to other progressive jackpot games, the Mega Moolah slot is found wanting in its volatility – Progressive Jackpots aside. Like any game, the most significant wins come from five-o- a-kind matches across a payline – but even then, there isn’t much to shout about – aside from the hyper-rare wild line. 

  • Kudu: 3, 4 or 5 = 0.4, 2 or 10 x stake
  • Zebra 3, 4 or 5 = 0.8, 4 or 16 x stake
  • Giraffe: 3, 4 or 5 = 1.2, 5 or 20 x stake
  • Buffalo: 2, 3, 4 or 5 = 0.16, 1.6, 6 or 24 x stake
  • Elephant: 2, 3, 4 or 5 = 0.24, 2, 10 or 30 x stake
  • Lion Wild: 2, 3, 4 or 5 = 0.6, 5, 60 or 600 x stake
  • Witch Doctor Scatter: 2, 3, 4 or 5 = 2, 3, 20 or 100 x stake

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

The Mega Moolah slot operates on a progressive jackpot network, which means that for every spin a player makes on a slot belonging to the network, a portion of the spin-stake siphons off into a fund. That is why Microgaming can offer far more than its rivals in respect to jackpot amounts.

It differs from fixed-jackpot slots, which provide maximum set wins at much smaller amounts. However, they tend to drop with more regularity than a progressive jackpot would. 

What Are Mega Moolah’s Biggest-Ever Winners?

Due to its famous Progressive Jackpots round, Mega Moolah has a long list of huge winners that made headlines at one time or another. 

Here are the top five largest winners in Mega Moolah slot history – note, we have sorted the breakdown in terms of amounts and not factored in currency:

  • $20,059,287.27 – triggered on 30/01/2019
  • €18,910,668.01 – triggered on 28/09/2018 17:00
  • $16,496,347.95 – triggered on 05/04/2020 22:00
  • €14,239,532.84 – triggered on 17/08/2020 23:30
  • $13,615,861.49 – triggered on 08/05/2020 14:00

One win not on the above list, which at the time was a world-record breaker, is the £13.2million by former soldier Jon Heywood. In an interview with the casino he won the amount, he began describing how he started playing after seeing an advert for the jackpot slot on the television. Moments after picking up his mobile phone for a stab at it, the jackpot round landed on a €0.75 stake, and the rest is history. 

The best part? He won the Jackpot after signing up to the casino just 25 minutes earlier. 

How Much In Mega Moolah Mega Jackpots Have Been Won?

The total haulage in Jackpot wins on the Mega Moolah slot since it first started spinning its reels is enough to make the eyes water. Over €250million has been shared between lucky winners over the years.

In total, 69 Mega Jackpots have landed since 2006 – that’s an average of over four per year. That total is not considering the thousands of Major, Minor, and Mini jackpots that land every day. 

Will There Ever Be A Bigger Jackpot Than The Mega Moolah Series?

To be a bigger online jackpot network than the Mega Moolah Jackpot network, a serious shift in the provider pecking order would need to happen. 

The developer is an iGaming behemoth in terms of prestige and size. There are a few pretenders on the scene, but none come close to matching the financial power that Microgaming can wield. 

However, in theory, other alternative jackpot networks can rival Microgaming. It comes down to the popularity of the product. Is it good enough to overcome the tried and tested method of fixed paylines and random jackpot awards to offer an alternative? Does a rival provider have the financial might to match Microgaming in jacking up the jackpot sums to attract new interest? 

The History Of Online Slots

Before you play the Mega Moolah slot machine, it may be worth understanding the annals of the modern online slot. How did it become one of the biggest revenue drivers for online casinos and traditional sportsbooks? How did slots make the transition from land-based casinos to the online sphere? What is the future of the online slot? 

Charles Fey invented the first-ever slot, which was otherwise known as the Liberty Bell machine, in 1898 – that’s 123 years and 123 ways of making you feel older. Fey started to distribute the miniature mechanical slot machine around bars across San Francisco – they were proving a trendy addition to saloons and so-started the era of the slot machine. There was no free spins round in those days – the goal was to match symbols

Jump forward several decades into the swinging sixties, and there wasn’t just a cultural revolution but a technological and scientific one. Before we sent man to the moon, a new slot technology came to pass. The first electromechanical slot game – named Money Honey – was produced. It was an instant hit, and many historians consider its invention as the dawn of a new era in casino entertainment. 

Evolution from Money Honey was swift – by the turn of the next decade, the invention of the microchip was going to shift the slot from clunky machines to efficient, algorithm-based fun stations – allowing for bigger wins and more complex and immersive gameplay. Around this era, the invention of the nudge occurred, a mechanic that is still in operation online today. 

It wasn’t until the mid-90s when the first online slot made an entrance – Reel’ Em developed by WMS Industries Inc was the first online game to feature a free spins game within the confines of the slot. 

Fast forward 20 years, and the speed that online casino game technology continues to advance is nothing short of extraordinary. Grid games, progressive multipliers, reel modifications, expanding wild free spins, sticky wild free spins, wild reel free spins, and much more – the future of online casino slots is exciting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Win The Mega Moolah Jackpot With Bonus Money?

No – and you should avoid any casinos that promise Free Spins or Bonuses to use on Mega Moolah. This is because the Mega Moolah online slot belongs to a progressive jackpot network, which requires an investment of real money on behalf of the players. It is impossible to start playing Mega Moolah using Welcome Bonus funds, for example. 

Can You Play Mega Moolah For Free?

No – even though SuperSeven offers demo play on the majority of slots on our roster, you cannot play a Progessive Jackpot slot with demo money. 

What Are The Chances Of Winning The Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot?

As appealing as the Mega Jackpot total looks, don’t lose sight of how unlikely it is to win the top prize! The chances of landing the big one lie at a mammoth 1 in 49,836,032. 

Is The Mega Moolah Slot A Scam?

Absolutely not – in an era of tightening casino regulatory frameworks, all games must adhere to tough and stringent rules set by international licensing bodies to operate at an online casino. 

Mega Moolah meets all the necessary requirements. Its developer, Microgaming, holds a UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) license, a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license, and a Curacao gaming license. It is also a member of e-Commerce and Online Game Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) and the Remote Gambling Association (RGA). 

Looking for further reassurance? You can conduct a simple search online for all of the above authorities to get a deeper understanding of what they do. 

Is It Possible To Fix Mega Moolah? 

No – as part of the regulatory requirements, all games must embed a Random Number Generator (RNG) that ensures all spins are entirely random. Testing takes place across millions of spins by authorities such as eCOGRA to ensure total impunity.